Jamaican Patty - 2 Pack - Oonnie - Meat Street Pies
Jamaican Patty - 2 Pack - Oonnie - Meat Street Pies
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Jamaican Patty - 2 Pack

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Jamaican Patty - 2 Pack - Oonnie - Meat Street Pies

Jamaican Patty - 2 Pack

Regular price $24.00 CAD
Sale price $24.00 CAD Regular price $0.00 CAD
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Product arrives frozen. 2-Pack

We have developed a  wide  variety of savoury pies – each with their own unique filling and flavour profile wrapped in exceptionally delicious pastry. We are really excited about the beef fillings as the beef is often provided to us through our family farm near Pigeon Lake where the cows are grass fed and finished – meaning they’ve had a good life, been treated the way they should before they’re sent off.  

Our chickens come to us via the Hutterites and we buy the birds whole.  We butcher them and poach them to extract delicious stock and chicken fat and then cut up the meat so that there are actually chunks of chicken in each and every pie along with the peas, and carrots and corn and potatoes and onions in our creamy chicken gravy.   We have finicky kids who have succumbed to this delicious meal.

Ground beef, onions, scotch bonnet peppers, herbs & spices wrapped in puff pastry.

Contains Wheat

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Meat Street Pies

Edmonton, AB

Jonathan and Thea Avis have been in the Food Industry for over 30 years, both in Retail Bakery shops and Wholesale Manufacturing. In 2014, they decided to develop a new concept in the casual dining experience by perfecting meat pie recipes from parts of Canada, Britain and the former colonies. Meat Street Pies was born. It started with a mobile Food Truck and has now morphed into a downtown market location.

Jonathan, British pastry chef extraordinaire, used his decades of experience to develop a steady stream of irresistible pastry treats. He remembered the meat pies his mother made and it’s in that first bite of one of his pies, we are transported to our grandmother’s table again. Mmmm delicious!

Thea brings on the fun when you approach the food truck or the market stall. She’s everywhere, talking to everyone and always has a smile to share. She loves getting to know people and finding out what they like. She made sure their food truck was so attractive and intriguing that people just had to approach it. Jon’s pastries sell themselves, once a person tastes them. Thea makes sure that happens.  

The Avis Team’s dedication to excellence is the deep root of their success. Their entrepreneurial spirit thrives on that foundation.

And now Meghan – their daughter has joined the team – fulfilling Jonathan’s dream of leaving her a successful company.

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