41% of Indigenous Households

Face Food Insecurity Every Month

Nobody should have to pay $36 for water

We believe that access to fresh, healthy food is a right

Nicole Matos & Courtney Hanak founded Forage Market with their Indigenous heritage, values and principles at heart. They've worked hard to create the Forage Reserve Program which delivers fresh locally grown food to Indigenious reserves in Alberta and BC.

Real food prices from Canadian Indigenous Reserves

The Forage Reserve Program

We're dedicated to going the extra mile to nourish both bodies and communities. Founded by two passionate Indigenous women, Forage Market understands the challenges faced by residents in remote reserves. That's why we've created a unique give-back program. By partnering with existing partner services that already reach these reserves, Forage Market offers residents the convenience of online grocery shopping with fresh, local produce delivered directly to their doors. This program not only increases access to healthy food options but also empowers these communities by supporting local farmers and producers. So, when you shop at Forage Market, you're not just getting the freshest ingredients, you're contributing to a stronger and healthier future for Indigenous communities across Alberta and British Columbia.

Want more information about the Forage Reserve Program?

We'd love to share! Whether you just have questions or are interested in initiating the Forage Reserve Program on your reserve please contact us at support@foragemarket.ca