A Fresh Way To

Simplify your fundraising campaign and support local food producers

Make Fundraising Effortless

Say goodbye to manual payment collection and cumbersome logistics.
We simplify the entire fundraising process so all you have to worry about is spreading the word!

No More Paper Forms

Access your fundraiser via our online dashboard. Share your custom link and qr code to track sales without having to keep track of paper forms.

We'll Handle Delivery

Share your link, sit back and relax! We'll handle packing, fulfilling and coordinating delivery for every order that passes through your fundraiser.

No More Money Collecting

Stop worrying about the stress of collecting and handling money. Our dashboard keeps track for you and tells you exactly what you've earned.

Let's break it down

How it works

Register your fundraiser
Fill out the form below with all of the details of your fundraiser. It generally takes us 2 business days to activate a fundraiser

Receive a link to your dashboard
Once your fundraiser is active, we'll send you a link to your dashboard. From here, you can share your unique tracking link and download a qr code to use in person, track your profits and view your payouts

Share your fundraiser
Spread the word! Your fundraiser can only be successful if you tell people about it! Share your link on social media, newsletters and download the qr code to use on any paper copies you want to distribute

Receive your payouts on your terms
You tell us when you want to get paid. We can send your earnings (10% of the order sales) when your fundraiser wraps up, or on a monthly basis

Need a link to our registration form?

If you have questions or concerns please reach out to us at support@foragemarket.ca