Cumberland Sausage - 6 Pack - Oonnie - Irvings Farm Fresh Pork
Cumberland Sausage - 6 Pack - Oonnie - Irvings Farm Fresh Pork
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Cumberland Sausage - 6 Pack

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Cumberland Sausage - 6 Pack - Oonnie - Irvings Farm Fresh Pork

Cumberland Sausage - 6 Pack

Regular price $11.25 CAD
Sale price $11.25 CAD Regular price
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Best Seller! A mild flavorful sausage, seasoned with black pepper, nutmeg, allspice and a hint of onion. They are great eaten any way you like, and will appeal to all ages. 

6 sausages per 454g pack 

Gluten Free / Keto

Pork, water, salt, onion powder, spices.

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Irvings Farm Fresh Pork

Round Hill, AB

From English farmland to Alberta pork pioneers

In 2005, Alan and Nicola, armed with agricultural expertise and a hunger for new horizons, set sail for Canada. Leaving behind the rolling hills of Cumbria, England, they dreamt of building a business rooted in their shared passion: creating exceptional pork products.

What started as a bold idea in a basement kitchen quickly blossomed. Nicola's background in agriculture and animal feed sales merged with Alan's years of livestock experience, forming the perfect blend for success. Soon, their sausages, crafted with the distinct flavors they missed from back home, were turning heads (and palates) at local markets.

But these weren't your average, run-of-the-mill sausages. Alan and Nicola refused to compromise on quality. They sought out rare Berkshire pigs, known for their exceptional flavor and marbling, and raised them with care on Alberta pastures.

The journey wasn't always smooth sailing. Raising pigs for the first time presented a steep learning curve, and the rapid growth demanded quick expansion. But through it all, their dedication and hard work never faltered.

In 2008, they found their permanent home in Round Hill, Alberta. With more land for their growing herd and a proper commercial kitchen, they were ready to truly take flight. While their "funny looking black pigs" and unique sausage recipes might have raised eyebrows at first, their commitment to quality and community spirit soon won over their neighbors.

Today, Irvings stands as a testament to Alan and Nicola's pioneering spirit. They've carved their own path, challenging convention with their authentic, heritage-breed pork products, all while fostering a sense of community and environmental responsibility.

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