Tub Teas - Oonnie - Beaver Creek Honey
Tub Teas - Oonnie - Beaver Creek Honey
Tub Teas - Oonnie - Beaver Creek Honey
Tub Teas - Oonnie - Beaver Creek Honey
Tub Teas - Oonnie - Beaver Creek Honey
Tub Teas - Oonnie - Beaver Creek Honey
Tub Teas - Oonnie - Beaver Creek Honey
Tub Teas - Oonnie - Beaver Creek Honey
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Tub Teas

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Tub Teas - Oonnie - Beaver Creek Honey

Tub Teas

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Tub tea! Tub tea is just like bath salts or a bath soak but contains loose, dried herbs, salt, essential oils and tea. Because loose herbs can be quite messy in a bathtub (and wreak havoc on your poor bathroom drain), we include a little sachet bag that allows the tea to “steep” in your tub. Many of the herbs were harvested on our farm by hand. The extra ingredient is our crystallized raw honey that we make with our 'secret' process! Each tub tea is hand-made and measured to order!

CAUTION: For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes or mouth. Discontinue use if skin becomes irritated or inflamed. Please keep out of reach of children and pets.

Invigorating Mint: Epsom Salt, mint, hand-picked aster blossoms, raw honey crystals, green tea, essential oils
Soothing Lavender: Epsom salt, lavender buds, raw honey crystals, pomegranate, naked oats, essential oils
Healing Herbs: Epsom salt, hand-picked yarrow blossoms, hand-picked prairie sage, naked oats, raw honey crystals, essential oils, mint
Refreshing Citrus: Epsom Salt, Earl Grey, raw honey crystals, bits of citrus, essential oils

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Beaver Creek Honey

Beaver County, AB

Think of honey like wine: every spoonful is unique, shaped by the land where the bees buzz and gather nectar. Unlike wine, though, it's not the grape variety that matters, but the flowers! Our bees flit between alfalfa, sweet clover, thistles, asters, and even crops, creating a raw honey that's mild and oh-so-sweet. You can really taste the place in every jar!

We at Beaver Creek Honey know honey is a gift from the hive, so we treat it with respect. Our honey is raw and gently filtered, no fancy tricks or shortcuts here. Just 100% pure, unadulterated goodness, with all the seasonal flavors the bees bring in. Want a tiny taste? We have 55g jars perfect for gifts. Need a bigger buzz? We have bulk containers, too!

By the way, we're Stefan and Monique, your friendly beekeeping neighbors from Sherwood Park! Our bees buzz around Beaver County, happily pollinating acres of wildflowers, crops, and fruit trees. We love these little buzzers and are passionate about creating natural treats from their golden handiwork. We take good care of our hives, because happy bees make the best honey, and that's what we're all about.

We don't just talk sustainable beekeeping, we live it. Join us on this sweet journey and taste the difference!

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