Vegan Stock - Mermaid Lagoon - 1L - Oonnie - Wishbone Wellness
Vegan Stock - Mermaid Lagoon - 1L - Oonnie - Wishbone Wellness
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Vegan Stock - Mermaid Lagoon - 1L

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Vegan Stock - Mermaid Lagoon - 1L - Oonnie - Wishbone Wellness

Vegan Stock - Mermaid Lagoon - 1L

Regular price $18.99 CAD
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Our Vegan Stock, call The Mermaid Lagoon, is a plant-based stock, with a happy hormonal spin to it. This easily absorbable and delicious stock provides nutrients we don’t always get in our regular diet such as sea vegetables and wild mushrooms.

We encourage you to incorporate bone broth into your regular diet.  The easiest way to do this is to sip a cup daily, as you would any hot beverage.  It also makes a great snack, or cam be used to replace water when cooking rice or quinoa.  Use as a base in stew or soup, or to deglaze a pan.  

This broth was created with the intention of promoting a holistic and nutritional approach to hormonal and thyroid health by adding Kombu Kelp, Wild Mushrooms, and Goji Berries.

Made with Canadian grown, and sustainably harvested and hand picked kelp and wild mushrooms, and local or organically sourced vegetables.

Kombu Kelp (sustainably harvest, hand-picked, & hand dried), rainbow carrots*, Locally & Wild Foraged mushroom blend (porcini, morel, chanterelle, pine, lobster, yellowfeet, hedgehog), celery*, leeks*, local garlic, Organic Turmeric Root, Organic Cold-Pressed coconut oil, Organic goji berries, Organic pink himilayan sea salt, Organic Black peppercorns.

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Wishbone Wellness

Edmonton, AB

Randi Bond is more than just the owner of Wishbone Wellness; she's a passionate advocate for holistic health and delicious, nutrient-rich food. Her journey began in 2018 with Herb and Garlic Nutrition, where she combined her education in holistic nutrition with creating wholesome local and organic products for farmers markets.

Fast forward to 2020, Randi seized the opportunity to acquire Wishbone Wellness, fueled by her connection to the community and her deep belief in the power of bone broth. Having personally experienced its benefits for immunity, gut health, and overall well-being, she saw the potential to share this gift with others.

Randi's dedication to quality is evident in her use of ethically sourced bones and fresh, local ingredients. She goes beyond the ordinary, incorporating the entire vegetable for maximum nutrient benefits and minimizing waste. The result? Nutrient-dense, flavorful bone broth that's perfect for everyday health and reducing kitchen waste.

But Randi's life isn't just about business. When she's not creating culinary magic in the kitchen or sharing her knowledge at her retail job, she's spending time with her family, exploring farmers markets, enjoying outdoor activities, and nurturing her urban garden.

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